SoilCyclers works across the Infrastructure, Subdivision, Sports Fields, Defence, Waste and Mining sectors


Highway projects, major road projects and tunnel projects mean large volumes and opportunities to come up with innovative, onsite recycling of topsoil, subsoil, fill and contaminated material. If your project is importing topsoil or fill and if your project is exporting materials offsite, these are potential missed opportunities to meet or exceed environmental targets as well as generate savings for the project.

On some of our recent infrastructure projects we have:

  • made AS4419, MRTS16 and R178 specification topsoil from unsuitable materials or subsoil
  • made AS4454 and MRTS16 compliant compost or soil conditioner from green waste stripped onsite prior to construction
  • made Class A fill or specification fill material for dam wall upgrades and landfill liners
  • remediated ASS and PASS materials to a level they can be reused for grass growth on the project.

Our goal is to keep your site’s resources on your site and to reduce or remove your need to import virgin resources. If your site’s resources cannot remain on your site, our goal is to turn your waste into a reusable or saleable resource so it can go straight to another project, or to reduce the waste classification or amount of material being disposed of in landfill.

We have an excellent reputation working for tier one contractors, civil contractors and landscapers on infrastructure projects and this is probably because we are focused on generating both cost savings and sustainability outcomes wherever possible. We are able to work with traditional and collaborative contracting environments and we have all the necessary HSEQ documentation and processes needed.

“SoilCyclers’ company staff are very flexible to work with and they will fit in any work conditions. I will definitely recommend them for my next job.”
Kiran Alavala
Project Engineer, Fulton Hogan


SoilCyclers is also a regular visitor on many large subdivision projects, including Stocklands Aura, Oceanside and Bokarina Beach projects, Mirvac’s Everleigh, Avid Properties Harmony and Pelican Waters. We can set up temporary yard facilities that move with the bulk earthworks sectors of projects to recycle green waste and turn it into compost for onsite reuse, and to recycle unsuitable materials and turn them into specification topsoil for landscaping reuse on parks, gardens and entranceways. This reduces the number of trucks on local roads and offers significant savings where previously imported topsoil may have been specified by landscape architects in order to create a premium product or we can work off stockpiles throughout the earthworks precinct to turn unsuitable materials into specification topsoils with guaranteed growth.

Clever landscape architects and developers are using soil amelioration to save money, reduce the risk of importing contamination to their sites and reduce the risk of landscaping failures. If you want to compost your site’s green waste and unsuitable soils to make premium topsoil for use on your project, contact us today.

“Anyone with a screen can simply screen dirt but the true test and art of mixing components and ameliorants homogeneously through 1m3 of soil let alone 10,000m3 plus is what sets SoilCyclers apart from other contractors. The combination of passionate and experienced staff, along with their cutting edge rotating trommel screens ensures that maximum production can continue even in wet conditions. Wet and undesirable materials are no match for their Doppstadt. The aggressive nature of the screen tumbles and breaks up large clumps maximising quality/yields and ultimately minimising costs/wastage. Many times I have seen other contractors hire deck screens in an attempt to undertake the works themselves cheaper only to have costs blow out and materials failing specs due to inadequate screening/mixing and QA. This is highly specialised work, requiring operators with the skillset and of course the equipment to match.”
Aaron Ashlin
Director and Soil Scientist, Hortus Group


Heavy clay soils, blacksoils, damp soils, wet sand, C&D waste, wet compost and more are not a problem for our gear. We have a highly mobile skid steer and trommel screen setup available for trials if needed to demonstrate our capacity to deal with challenging materials.

Sports fields

Specialised sports field growing media can cost anywhere from $40 to $75+ per cubic metre. Sports field upgrades often require removal and replacement of unsuitable materials, which can be costly when you factor in the cost of disposing of material and importing new material. SoilCyclers can work with your landscape architect and soil scientist to reuse some or all of your site soil as a base to create a custom blended sports field growing media. We’ve created specification sports field soil from subsoils, clay-based soils and sandy loam soils for school ovals, community recreation and sports fields, council parks and even racetracks.

On one recent project, we worked with FKG and their soil scientist to blend a different type of sand with the existing sandy growing medium that had failed at Eagle Farm Racetrack. The resulting blended material was tested every 50m3 and generated significant savings for our clients. The new track surface is now working well in all weather conditions.

“Alison and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is extremely impressive, keeping both site and office staff informed of their every move. More than happy to recommend their services to others within the industry.”
Jack Bath
Former General Manager, Penfold Projects


Our ability to do PFAS soil remediation has seen us move into the Defence sector, providing PFAS soil immobilisation to contractors on Defence projects. We can work on base or in partnership with local landfills, utilising their treatment pads to immobilise PFAS in soil and reduce leachate levels down to levels suitable for disposal or even non-detect levels. On a recent North Queensland project, we reduced leachate levels by 99% which allowed material to be disposed of locally rather than transported to Victoria for incineration. This was a significant saving for the contractor and allowed the job to continue without delay even when they encountered highly contaminated soil.


Our waste industry clients often engage us for help with processing and recycling materials. Our reputation in the construction industry and our unique understanding of specification materials required for large infrastructure projects and subdivisions means we are ideally placed to work with the waste industry to recycle and create saleable materials from waste. Our processing expertise and mobile setup can be added to the fixed plant setups at landfills to cope with extra capacity or to process a backlog of stockpiles in resource recovery areas. Our remediation experience means we can often reduce the classification of waste materials or create day cover from waste materials on landfill treatment pads or at waste transfer stations.

We also work closely with a number of large skip bin providers and regional landfills, offering mobile processing and recycling services where the facility doesn’t have the required volume to invest in their own machinery or has found they don’t have the necessary expertise to run an efficient recycling operation.

For organics yards and composters, we can provide overflow or periodic processing of compost including wet materials. We guarantee the lowest oversize rates of any local provider and we are able to generate high throughput rates of 400 to 700m3 per day depending on screen size and particle sizes.

“SoilCyclers processed 140,000m3 of soil mixed with plastic and rubbish and reduced our waste disposal cost significantly . They were professional, easy to work with and honest. I’d be happy to recommend them to others looking to reduce onsite waste and avoid unnecessary costs.”
John Newton
Former General Manager Sustainability, Orora Australasia


Lessons learnt doing rapid revegetation for infrastructure projects who need to quickly complete landscaping works on disturbed soils in order to get practical completion are easily transferable to the mining industry. Our ability to alter the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil means we can work with mining industry clients who have a topsoil deficit to make quality topsoils out of mine overburden or other site materials for mine site rehabilitation work. We can also improve existing stockpiled topsoils, aerating materials that have been stockpiled for long periods of time and testing and ameliorating to improve the soils to a level where we guarantee successful revegetation.

Anyone with some basic knowledge can grow a cover crop on the most barren materials, but creating soils that have the fuel and properties needed to create a long-term sustainable landscape are our specialty. We can work with your consultants or bring on board an expert or team of experts as needed.

We are best suited to mining clients who have challenging issues such as a lack of topsoil, a need to grow a forest before they can mine new areas, a lack of water for revegetation or a desire to create a higher land usage for example plantations, cropping or even a winery. For a very different mine site rehabilitation experience, contact us for a confidential discussion.

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